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Comprehensive email newsletter analytics and Design

One of the most effective online marketing tools these days is the Email Newsletter. It's an ideal way to get your marketing message right in front of your customers.

Statistics show that email marketing generates some of the highest conversion rates around. You can harness this success rate with one of our eNewsletter solutions.

With Rochdale Online's eNewsletter application, you can:

Email Newsletter Marketing: How it works

There are two ways of working with Rochdale Online's eNewsletter system.

  1. We create you a login into our system, build you one or more templates and allow you to create your own campaigns using an intuitive editing interface. Once you're happy with the design and layout, you can preview and test the eNewsletter before sending. (you can even check it for compatibility with different email clients and run through popular spam filters).
  2. If you prefer, we can handle the whole process for you. We'll build a custom email layout for each of your campaigns, using the content provided by you, and send it on your behalf. This has more flexibility in terms of the design, as it doesn't need to be template-based, but it does take away some control from you.

How much does it cost?

There's a fixed cost to build each template which varies depending on the complexity and your requirements, but once your template is designed, you only pay for the campaigns you send and these are very cost-effective:

Each campaign costs just £10.00 plus £0.01 per recipient. So for example, if you sent a newsletter to 1000 recipients, it would cost just £20.00. You can send as often as you like, depending on your marketing requirements and budget.

Drop us an email and we'll organise a get together over a coffee to chat about your requirements.

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