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Content Management System, or CMS, is an all-encompassing term to describe an application that gives you as the website owner the ability to update some or all of your website's content. They come in all kinds of different guises, from complete applications to manage the whole of the website, to simple modular management systems designed to give control over certain content (e.g News or Events) that change frequently.

Our modern CMS solutions can give you the facility to manage virtually everything on your website if you wish. With intuitive user interfaces, cutting edge image uploading and resizing on the fly, rich-text editing and much more, you can create as much content as you like without knowing a thing about HTML or CSS.

We'll integrate a bang up-to-date design, build all the necessary templates and configure everything for you, even populating your initial content.  With a modular block-like approach to building pages, you can have a website that looks like it's managed by an expert coder, but which you're fully in control of.  Features such as news, product listings, photo galleries, meet the team pages,  testimonials and more are all a piece of cake.

If you have a static website that you'd like to manage the content for, but don't have the budget for a full redesign/development, we can slot in an affordable CMS system to give you edit control. You can always have the design updated later.

You may find that certain CMS systems are slow to load, but our CMS solution's advanced caching option delivers your site pages as static web pages meaning they'll display blindingly fast for the majority of your site visitors. 

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