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Transswift Freight Services

The Project

Transswift Freight Services are a family-owned transport and logistics business based in Rochdale, just a stone's throw away from the RO Web Solutions headquarters.  Pat approached us in mid 2016 to build a brand new site for the company to replace its aging Joomla site, which had not been updated for a long time. In fact nobody could remember how to get into the system to update the content, and the website was showing incorrect location information for one of the two depots, so a timely improvement was required.  Moreover, the site wasn't mobile friendly and this was recognised as a necessity.

Transswift had recently installed a new Container Weighbridge at its warehousing depot to comply with new legislation, and this was something that needed to feature on the new website, including the calibration certificate to provide assurance to its customers.

What We Did

After discussions with Pat, it was established that a CMS system wasn't required - the information on the site doesn't need to be updated regularly and staff at Transswift have more important things to do with their time than editing website content.  We agreed to develop a static, brochure style website that would portray the company information in a compelling way, with more up to date images of the company fleet and premises, and allow people to get in touch for a quote or a general enquiry via an online enquiry form.  Should site updates be required at any point, we are poised to make them for Transswift at a moment's notice, and keeping the site 'static' means pages load faster and there is much less potential for unscrupulous types to attempt to hack the database.

One requirement was to improve the search engine listings. The faster loading pages are a definite help, and this combined with a now mobile-friendly site and some carefully crafted on-page SEO improvements means that the site is now beginning to improve in the search results pages. This is borne out from an increase in the number of enquiries and quotation requests from the site's contact form.

What we did

  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation

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