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Rochdale RSPCA


In 2012 the Rochdale branch of RSPCA found themselves with a content-managed website that they couldn't update.  System changes with their previous ISP who had kindly provided them with free hosting, meant that the content management system no longer worked.

The branch was looking for a good-looking and modern website that was easy for them to add content and keep regularly updated, to spread the message about their unfailing work.

Having worked with one of the trustees in the past on another project, RO Web Solutions were asked to provide a solution.


We looked at various content management frameworks that would be easy to use for the client, whilst keeping down the cost and ultimately selected Perch as the right solution.

With this in place we were able to produce a compelling looking website that allows the RSPCA staff to add new pages and different types of content in a structured way. This takes away the requirement for the customer to understand any html or other web technology, so they can concentrate more on caring for animals and less on worrying about how to keep the website updated.

What we did

  • Website redesign
  • Content Management

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"We receive great comments from our clients about the great design and ease of navigation through our site; It's true, great design is a great investment! thanks RO!"

Jo Fleming