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Five Ways to Wellbeing


In the autumn of 2010, we were approached by Dr. Taylor from York House Surgery in Heywood, to assist with a concept for raising awareness of mental wellbeing. Researchers at Warwick University have developed a scoring system, or scale, known as WEMWBS, to help people understand their state of contentment and happiness.

Until this point, the WEMWBS scale had been used in a range of research-related environments and the brief was to create a website that would help both individuals to assess their wellbeing, as well as to provide an resource for GPs to provide their patients with some reference point.


Underpinning the whole concept was that of the "Five Ways" - namely Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

The new website had to be bright, bold and simple in layout, yet with a professional appearance. We created a brand identity based on caricatures of the five "Ways", as well as the logo, and designed a business card around this identity, to be distributed across GPs in the North West.


The WEMWBS questionnaire to this point had been completed on paper by researchers, and results collated.  We created a bright and colourful online questionnaire, or quiz, that would take visitors through in a step-by-step fashion, to a completion where they could receive specific notes about their state of mind and how they could find appropriate help.

The website also contains a number of specialised links to regional and national websites to help site visitors obtain more information about wellbeing in general.

What we did

  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Interactivity

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