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Paul Bolton and Paul Marshall have been a customer of Rochdale Online for many years, and indeed we built their initial website back in the early web days, when tables and frames were in vogue!

After a number of business redevelopments, Bolton Marshall decided it was time for a change of direction with the website. The company began using a new property management application  (Clarks Cloud) and wanted to integrate this with their website to avoid uploading the same data twice.

The back end of the site was integrated with the Ask Local Property portfolio, so this had to remain the case, with the same property information populating both the client's website and the Ask Local Classifieds section. 

At the same time it was felt time for a new, up-to-date and more professional look and feel to the site, incorporating a mobile friendly, or responsive design.


Working with Andy from Clarks Cloud we were able to build an automated data feed mechanism that pulls in the property information on demand from data supplied by the Clarks system.

Bolton Marshall now only need to enter their property details once, via the Clarks Cloud interface and this is replicated both into the new website and also into our own Ask Local property portals, including Rochdale Online and Oldham Chronicle.

The redesign was based around a very clean look, featuring lots of white space, and sports a number of subtle interaction techniques using javascript. Now fully responsive, the site looks great on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktops.

Update 2016

In 2016 Bolton Marshall decided to move away from the Clarks Cloud system, but because of the modular nature of our integration, it was straightforward to change back to the previous system, whereby properties were added via the Rochdale Online portal and the website populates its property lists from there. 

This allowed the website to remain full online during the switchover with no downtime.  Property data is still only added in one place, and the above mentioned local portal integrations continued to operate without modification.

What we did

  • Website redesign
  • Graphic Design
  • Property Portal
  • Search Engine Optimisation

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