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Case Study
Well-i-Hole Farm

Screenshot of the Well-i-Hole Farm website

Well-I-Hole Farm is a well-known caravan and campsite in Greenfield. Surrounded by the magnificent moorland of Saddleworth it offers a superb place to get away to unwind amongst the Pennines.

The Brief

The new owner got in touch when he had recently purchased the campsite and wanted to update the somewhat dated website with a brighter, more modern look and feel, consistent with the plans he had for his new venture.

As well as a clean, modern and mobile friendly design, the breif was to be able to update the site's content on an ongoing basis. The site had to have clear calls to action and easy to find information so that visitors could easily locate pricing and contact information, as well as portray a wealth of useful history and background of the interesting area the site is located within.

Our Solution

We built a fully content managed website which allows any number of pages to be created using a range of stylised page sections. Virtually every piece of information on the site is editable via the content management system, right down to the information in the header and footer, and search engine optimisation meta data.

The site uses an advanced caching mechanism to ensure that pages load as fast as possible, especially important nowadays, since Google is promoting page load speed as part of its ranking algorithm.

We used a white-space friendly layout based on a countryside theme with bright green and subtle grey accents, and large quality images of the campsite and the surrounding area of Saddleworth.

Site visitors can contact the campsite owner via the contact form to enquire about booking and just a few days after going live, a number of camping enquiries had already been logged.

What We Did

  • Website redesign
  • Content Management

Well-I-Hole Farm website


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