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Case Study
Pennine Fencing

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Pennine Fencing and Landscaping is the North West's biggest supplier of fencing panels, and its previous site was beginning to show its age.

The Brief

Pennine Fencing decided its website needed bringing up-to-date and also making more user-friendly. They were keen to emphasise the huge stocks of fence panels and other fencing materials that they constantly have at their premises, and to promote this fact to potential trade customers. They also wanted a more contemporary, clean design with product and other images taking centre stage. Clarifying some of the fence panel measurement ambiguity was also a goal, with some panels measured in metric, and others imperial.

Our Solution

Key amongst the requirements for the new website were:

  • High quality design
  • More information per product
  • Better product images
  • Clearer indications of product measurements and attributes
  • Improved shipping quotation mechanism

For the design we chose a clean and bright colour scheme based around bright orange and green, with plenty of white space.

The home page has a bright and colourful display of the main product ranges, allowing quick links to these products or categories, as well as a new testimonial system to help reassure site visitors using previous customers' feedback.

Choosing fence panels is often a very visual task, and the previous product category pages were cluttered, showing prices for all variations of a product. To improve on this we created a cleaner grid-based system with just the base price displayed, making it easy to cross-compare products within a category.

The product detail pages were completely redeveloped with larger images and a tabbed user interface allowing more information such as specification and measurements. These description tabs also allow further images, allowing us to create explanatory versions of the product photos with callouts showing features and key measurements.

Cross-selling and up-selling is possible with related products and categories, each of which is now displayed visually with thumbnail photos, and a new product search facility allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for, with useful suggestions if the visitor's search returns no results.

The shipping quote system has been very popular since its introduction, and we fully redeveloped this to resemble a shopping cart-like experience for the site visitor. This supplies Pennine Fencing with a list of line items, and has intelligent weight calculations built in to make the calculation of shipping costs quicker and easier.

The remaining site pages were all brought up-to-date with more compelling copywriting and images of the company's premises, and additional pages were added to help provide more information for trade customers.

The new site is fully mobile-friendly and responsive, looks great and performs well on a full range of devices from mobiles to widescreen desktop computers.

What We Did

  • Website Redesign
  • Product Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Pennine Fencing & Landscaping website


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