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No doubt you'll have heard of SEO.

Everyone's harping on about it. It seems every marketing company wants to help you get your website to No.1 in Google. Well, it's not so simple as that, but the underlying principles are fairly straightforward. We build every site from the ground up with SEO in mind. There are no secrets - most of the relevant information is available out there on the web. It's just that there's so much information, and much of it is conflicting. We've condensed all that into the basic building blocks for all our sites so you can be sure that your website has a head start in the search engines.

Getting found for the right search terms is the first step. Making sure that those visitors can then achieve their goals on your website is the key to success. We'll work with you and give you the tools to help you continually improve and enhance your site to achieve your desired outcomes.

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"We had a small budget to develop a new website so we approached Rochdale Online. Now we have a site that is simple to use, so anyone in the world can find us and contact us easily. Now we're always near the top of the search engines so it's clear that we're ahead of the game in terms of online presence."

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