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The Brief

Sandifords (The Art Shop) is a long-established and well-known Rochdale business that has been serving customers around the globe with fine art and high-quality jewellery for many years.  For some time the website served as a fairly basic brochure site to introduce the company.  More recently Joy Sandiford has taken over running of the website and began to experiment with providing an eCommerce outlet.  

While successful as a concept, it soon became clear that the static HTML system that Joy had developed was inefficient and not scalable, so Joy asked RO Web Solutions to propose a fully-featured eCommerce website solution with a more professional look and feel that could expand with the business but would be easy to manage moving forward.

Our Solution

Rochdale Online Web Solutions have recently become an Authorised Reseller for BigCommerce, the fastest-growing eCommerce platform in the world. BigCommerce provides a hosted solution that is feature packed, easy to use and fully customisable.

We have investigated and researched dozens of eCommerce solutions and firmly believe that BigCommerce is the best in terms of features and flexibility for the money.  It's now possible for small businesses to launch a professional eCommerce site quickly and easily. 

With the vast range of features on offer, it can still be a daunting prospect for the small business however, and that's where RO Web Solutions come in. We've built and customised several BigCommerce sites and can provide the expertise to not only get your site up and running, but to provide a fully custom design (rather than relying on the fixed BigCommerce templates) and to optimally take advantage of all the features provided by the platform.

With Sandifords, we were able to take Joy's design preferences and create a unique look and feel for the website, with that luxurious feeling of quality required for the likes of Swarovski and Coeur de Lion.

We managed the product import process, creating spreadsheet  templates for the hundreds of products, and configured the shipping zones and price matrices, as well as optimising all of the product images. We were also able to advise on and configure the more complex aspects such as payment processing. BigCommerce templates are designed to showcase almost all of the platform's capabilities, but often it isn't appropriate to use all of these, so we customised many of the template files to remove or modify unwanted features and make the site less cluttered than is typical for a BigCommerce site.

The result is a website that is pleasing to the eye yet functional and has a nice, easy-to use feel, both for site visitors and Sandifords admin. A week after launch, the site was already taking orders, and Joy is very pleased with the simplicity of the back-end order processing and management.

If you'd like to find out more about the BigCommerce feature set, or even try a free 15-day trial, take a look for yourself: www.BigCommerce.com

What we did

  • Website redesign
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • eCommerce


"Rochdale Online have built me a website for my business which I have had for over 40 years. The site is sophisticated not only in its style but also in what the site does. We are selling worldwide and have had a lot of positive feedback from customers regarding the look of the site and how easy and simple it is to navigate and buy off it. I would recommend Rochdale Online to anyone who would like a website."

Sandifords (The Art Shop)
Ian Sandiford

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