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Pennine Fencing and Landscaping is the North West's biggest supplier of fencing panels, and their previous site, designed by Rochdale Online several years ago was beginning to show its age.

Being a static site, and built in html tables, the fairly regular updates required by Pennine Fencing were beginning to become a source of frustration, both for the customer and ourselves.

Featuring quite a number of products and variations, it was difficult to keep on top of all the changes needed and was becoming quite costly.

When Pennine Fencing and Landscaping approached RO Web Solutions about a possible site re-design in mid 2009, we saw the potential to bring the design up to date, improve the SEO characteristics and provide a much more cost-effective update capability.

Our Solution

Key amongst the requirements for the new website were:

We proposed that the website be built around one of our custom modules to display the product selection available (fence panels, gates, sheds, posts etc). Initially Pennine Fencing were unsure whether they wanted the responsibility of updating the site via a CMS, so we suggested a CMS-based module that we could manage on their behalf, with an option to upgrade inexpensively to a client-managed version.

In the end, Pennine plumped for the client version and we were able to put together a fully-fledged products CMS module allowing total control of product features, images, prices and much more.

Each product now has its own page, as does each product category, allowing for better content and targeted keywords, and the modular database driven system means that the likes of XML and HTML sitemaps are automatically updated as products are edited by the client.

The design is clean and functional, and features a friendly feel, incorporating images of the staff, premises and vehicles to help blur the boundary between the offline and online presence.

What we did

  • Website redesign
  • Product Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimisation

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